Being Healthy As A Family CAN Be Fun at The Inflatable Run & Festival!

At this 5K Race, we combine the 4 F’s : Fun, Family, Fitness and “Flatables! The festival area features over 28,000 pounds of inflatables to keep your family entertained for hours on end. The inflatable obstacle course is a 5k race designed with families in mind, and can be completed by any age and fitness level. Even children in strollers are welcome!

Exercise That Doesn’t Feel Like Exercise

Your kids won’t even know they are being healthy while traversing the 5k inflatable obstacle course. Many kids who leave The Inflatable Run have a newfound love for running! It’s Easy to Forget You’re Exercising with over 28,000 pounds of inflatables to keep you busy

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5K Race At Your Own Pace

Our 5K run is done in a new style! Instead of a typical 5K course, our course is only 1 mile long. Don’t worry about setting a personal record, kids and parents can choose to complete all three laps at once or complete one and then go enjoy some fun kids activities for a few hours before completing another lap. The fun times are all up to you!

Kids Obstacle Course with Inflatables Fun For Any Age

Our inflatables on the 5k run course and in the festival area are designed for people of all ages. There are inflatables that cater to small children under 5, along with inflatables designed for children 5-12, and even some challenging adult inflatables for those who like a challenge. No age group is left out!

Great Way To Train As A Family

Teaching your kids healthy habits is crucial. Why not make it fun too? Once you purchase your tickets, the real fun begins! You can get your kids excited about exercising, as you train with them to get ready for the event! What better work-out partner than your mini-me!

5k run 5k races inflatable obstacle course race 5k near me kids obstacle course

Trade Indoors Couches for Outdoor Activities

Instead of spending your Saturday asking the kids to quit bouncing on the furniture, take them somewhere they can bounce, climb, get wet, run and more. The Inflatable Run & Festival is a kids-event created to get families off their couches and off their phones to spend a day outdoors with each other and create some family memories along the way.

5k run 5k races inflatable obstacle course race 5k near me kids obstacle course


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Fun Family Event with Inflatables & Kids Activities

The Inflatable Run is a fun family event featuring a 5k inflatable obstacle course and a fair that includes free activities, games, kids attractions, & shows! Perfect for kids 12 & Under!

5K Obstacle Course
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